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The Art of Auctions is an compelling 3/4 day course delivered by Industry Trainer, Auctioneer and Auction marketing expert Warren Kibblewhite. Auction marketing is a mainstay of the Australasian Real Estate scene offering Vendors a greater level of urgency, exposure and success, and Warren's dynamic presentation will give you an in-depth understanding that few can offer, together with the skills and tools to become your locations' Auction expert and market leader.


"Only when you understand how and why Auction works & the key elements making it so efficient, effective & successful, will you truly command the prime forces effecting Real Estate"

The buying and selling of Real Estate is everything to do with emotion, urgency, pricing and marketing, and the Auction Marketing system combines those 4 key elements better than any other selling method - full-stop! Auction marketing is the most successful marketing strategy a home seller, and agent, can employ and its significantly better success rate compared with Sale by Private Treaty is clear and unequivocal. But first, the Auction system, it's strategies and the vendor/buyer education processes must be fully understood, as only then Auction Means Action.

Dominate Your Market:
The pedestal an Auction property is elevated to through its increased profile and exposure is the same profile and exposure that you and your Agency gets and for that reason, amongst others, is why the best Auction Marketers usually dominate their respective markets - and there is absolutely no reason that you can't do the same. Increased profile isn't just great for selling property by reaching out to more potential buyers to create more interest in the property, but that profile is part of what makes you stand out and helps you attract and win more business.

Making Decisions: Another key and inherent part of the Auction strategy is the urgency it creates to make decisions through its pre-set sale date (the auction day). This is the day that represents 'SOLD'. Accordingly, buyers with, or formulating, interest can't procrastinate and therefore make conscious purchasing decisions. Private Treaty sales cannot generate that urgency and competition in the same way.

 No Price - No Barrier: Price is usually the biggest barrier to any Real Estate sale and so you will learn how the elimination of price eliminates that key barrier to purchase, or as a minimum, allows baseline interest to be established without price prejudice - and this is where your training is crucial to the buyer education process as this is where the biggest mistakes are made by salespeople.

Emotional Selling Arena: The emotion of both buyer and seller on Auction day is at it's absolute peak and why we make no apologies for buyers exceeding pre-set limits as they compete for the purchase of their dream home. It is therefore critical in our role as the Auction Marketing Salesperson to be cognisant of those heightened emotions and appropriately guide both buyer an seller in their united, but separate journeys, to transact.

Unrivalled Success: Auction has proven itself to be the most successful in terms of its sales success rate and time to sell and those salespeople suitably skilled are achieving Auction sale success rates above 90%, within shorter comparative time frames, and by meeting or exceeding vendor expectations. This is how you start to influence people, win and transact more business! 

WK-Headshot-white-background-LRHi, I'm Warren and as your Auction trainer I think it reasonable to say that I have had a highly successful and influential Auction Marketing and Selling career, and having personally Auctioned thousands of homes, many more thousands of chattels, together with the scores of Charity Auction Events I have conducted on both sides of the Tasman, I consider myself a master of Auctioneering.

My own Auction experience started 25 years ago within my own suburban New Zealand (lower socio economic) market where Auction was only ever used as a last resort Real Estate sales method - a bank forced mortgagee sale. But a growing influence coming from Australia through the success Auction was having as a first means of sale for a property, not a last means, was starting to take hold.

And so, after learning the craft of Auctioneer and studying the Real Estate Auction Marketing System, I introduced this widely misunderstood and 'alternative' marketing method to my own listing presentations and straight away I had Vendors signing up as they too saw the benefits of this method of sale. In fact 14 of my new listings in that subsequent year (1990) took their homes to Auction and I sold 13 of them, thats a 93% success rate - a success rate I maintained for the next 5 years - and one not uncommon in the industry. My own market place at that time, described earlier as a lower socio economic suburb, was dominated by first home buyers and where the average time to sell a property over those subsequent few years was a staggering 9 months. In comparison, the homes I took to Auction over that time had a selling time mostly between 25-40 days - where some sold before Auction, at Auction, and some very soon after.

That success grew, the skepticism receded, and throughout the greater Wellington region Auction started to become a recognisable, and very successful, first means of sale option - as it still is today, and throughout almost every residential marketplace in New Zealand, and has been for a period longer throughout the cities and suburbs of Australia.

The Auction Sale method still has its knockers and not all properties sell through reaching the price expectations of the vendor, but by comparison to the standard sale by private treaty methods, it is a hugely more successful and definitive method of sale. Auction is a marketing and sale method, and other than being an option or alternative for your vendor to consider, it is a significant way to stand apart in your marketplace and to generate a level of sales success that is unrivalled. If your marketplace doesn't currently provide or use Auction as a first means of sale method for a Vendor, then this is a incredible opportunity for a salesperson to significantly grow the success of their business through the success of selling their vendors homes the best, quickest and most effective way possible.

When you understand Auction, you truly begin to understand Real Estate.

It wasn't until I started Auction Marketing that I began dominating my marketplace in activity, sales and profile. And even more than that, I was offering an alternative marketing method that no other agents offered. It was a huge point of difference and I believed and understood it so intensely that it rubbed off on my Vendors. I was the Auction and Marketing King of my Town and you can be too!