Solar Power Finally Seeing the Light…

Great to see the ABC’s ‘Catalyst’ program featuring the newest revolution in home battery storage allowing the 1.4 million Australian homes with solar power the ability to store their unused solar generated power to be later reused by them at night when the solar panels aren’t generating. This signifies a quantum leap into providing a wide […]


Email is still King…

  There is absolutely no better way to build a responsive audience of clients or customers for your business, than with your email list because the easiest way to generate more sales is to just stay in touch with your past customers – it really is that simple but most still don’t do it, or do it well. […]


Junk Mail…Does It Really Work?

  The picture displayed is a recent collection of our typical Monday weekly ‘junk mail’ delivery…yes all 31 pieces of advertising flyers, brochures and catalogues…all rubber-banded together in the one pile…lucky it fit into the mailbox frankly. My observation from the past year or so seems there is no let up in general volume of junk mail […]


Marketing At Its Supreme Best…

  One of the absolute best examples of marketing you will ever ever see….that’s how you go viral – connecting through the genuine use of creativity, technology, and humanity. It makes you feel good and that’s the pinnacle of what great marketing can do and should strive to do.  


Using Video to Vroom-Vroom-Vroom your Business.

  It time to understand the power of video marketing to boost your profile, to increase your social media engagement, increase Your Sales, and Grow Your Business. If a picture tells a thousand words then a video must tell a million. It’s a fact that people today spend a lot of their time online watching videos. […]


Blogging Basics

    Small businesses that embrace blogging see 126% more growth in terms of leads than those that don’t blog. (Source: ThinkCreative) A blog is a defined as frequently updated online journal or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world – be it personal or business. A place to share your […]