Traditional Marketing talks TO people
Content Marketing talks WITH them

Content is King

The internet with all its digital platforms has allowed businesses to become publishers, that is, they are the media, and through the explosion of Social Media we have uncovered a whole new way that people become engaged by business - and its not sell sell sell. 

Done right, Social Media is the foremost way to reach an audience that attracts new customers to our business. 'Done right' means firstly having something of value to offer which is not primarily about what we sell. That value comes by way of great content that engages and connects people to your business because prospective customers need to be attracted, not chased!

And the key to great content is what to say, when to say it, and how and where its said. 


We focus on producing relevant engaging content that reflects the needs of your audience and that which cuts through the crowded spaces.


Our Key Focus and Strategies


Multi Platform Expertise

When it comes to great content it's not one size fits all. You need different approaches for different media channels as they reach and reflect each platforms different users. Your email content is so much different to your social media and again in turn to your website. 


Text and Imagery

It's still true that a picture tells a thousand words and creating that great content is about storytelling and getting that storyline right to make the required impact takes skill. We know to create your stories and we know how to find and combine the images that bring your stories together. 



There has been an explosion of video throughout the internet and the social media channels in particular, and why - because it cuts through like no other medium.

YouTube estimates that by 2020, 90% of all web traffic will be online video - ever noticed how your Facebook news feed has so much video in it now - because it engages and that's what they want and so should you!

But many businesses still struggle with video and understandably so. Its daunting to sit back and consider the equipment and technologies to produce and edit your video's and all the assumed costs involved.

We pride ourselves on creating affordable online video content suited to the users of the major video sharing communities like YouTube.

The specific video formats we focus on are ‘how to’ and instructional videos, creative branded videos, product demonstrations, interview-based content, and much more. But we are equally as happy to teach you how to take control of this medium and produce your own videos. It up to you...