Solar Power Finally Seeing the Light…


Great to see the ABC’s ‘Catalyst’ program featuring the newest revolution in home battery storage allowing the 1.4 million Australian homes with solar power the ability to store their unused solar generated power to be later reused by them at night when the solar panels aren’t generating. This signifies a quantum leap into providing a wide spread and realistic opportunity in having a home operating virtually ‘Grid Free’.

That said, after watching the program, you could be forgiven in thinking that such battery storage was new, which it isn’t, battery storage has been around for a few years, as profiled in my own TV Series “Green Homes and Bacon” some 4 years ago. Up to recently, storing your own solar generated power in the home was done through banks of 12V car batteries, or similar, and they were large, cumbersome and expensive.  What this latest technology has done has adapted ultra small but efficient ‘Lithium’ batteries … the type of battery technology you find in modern devices such as mobile phones etc.

A really important and crucial objective now, as I see it, is to give solar power and storage, along with other ‘green’ features in the home a ‘Currency‘. What I mean by this, is that, there is little evidence to show that homes with such ‘green’ features such as solar, bring any greater market value, but they should. For most, the typical solar power debate is centered around cost and is it really cheaper in the long run ?- blah blah blah. But what is forgotten amongst all the grid supplied power comparisons is that there are other cost and value arguments. Such as, the costs to the environment, the costs to well being, cost savings, and the value to your home that these features should be adding.  

The real estate industry has for decades spruiked, appropriately so, the price, value and appeal advantages of home aesthetics, such as investing money into renovations on key area’s in the home like the kitchen and bathroom. Spend $5,000 – $20,00 on your kitchen and it will ADD extra value to your home. Now in comparison to ‘greening up’ your home, this would appear so superficial.

It will be a great time when people start to see the real benefits of having and utelising green features in their homes’ and being rewarded by having them worth more because of it! It’s time we stopped being so superficial about a homes value and award it real value by how it functions not just how it looks!


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