There is absolutely no better way to build a responsive audience of clients or customers for your business, than with your email list.

An email subscriber is as good as a sale...

The biggest single mistake that a business can make, is to not keep in touch with their customers... especially considering it's one of the single most successful strategies to generate more sales, it's so easy, and it's inexpensive to do.

Top businesses are getting around 75% of their sales generated from repeat customers...and the key to repeat business, behind giving good service in the first instance, is just to stay in touch, its maintaining a relationship, because business is after all, about relationships.

So how do we help....easy - we can manage your complete email marketing campaign. From content creation through to list delivery and results measurement.

So What Do We Do For You....

Well it's up to you really...

We can train you on the systems, protocols and content creation methods, OR, we can manage your complete email marketing program which includes develop, design, implement, send and measure, and that also involves the systems to enage and invite your audience/prospects to subscribe to your list...this is critical!

So it comes down to the budget you allocate, the quality you want and expect, and the returns you expect and are able to measure- because you need a return on investment

Unlike social media, email marketing is direct marketing. It is the time to sell, albeit to combine those selling messages with quality informative content for your audience.

In consultation with you, we will develop a program consistent with your marketing and sales objectives that sees your customer database contacted through your email marketing program with powerful call to action messages at the appropriate frequency.

Email Facts Infographic