Being a great presenter and/or speaker is not something you learn from a book, its diversity of experience - experience (and passion) in your subject matter, experience in public speaking, and just as importantly, it's experience in life because its the quotes, anecdotes and real life stories in your presentation that give's your speech authenticity and genuinely engages your audience.

As an Auctioneer, Conference Presenter, Trainer and occasional Stand-Up Comedian, I relish the opportunity to deliver custom speeches and presentations that impact an audience and wont leave them without substance or motivation.

Speaking on a subject you're knowledgable and passionate about is relatively easy. But connecting with an audience so they become engaged takes experience, skill and a healthy dose of charm.

From Corporate Conferences to In-House Sales Meetings, Warren is available to educate, inspire and motivate, and with 27 years of Business in Retail and Real Estate behind him including extensive sales and marketing success, Warren guarantees he can make not just a difference on the day, but a lasting one.

"I've been there myself where you go to a conference and you get so gee'd up in the power of the occasion, the people and the information exchange, but when you get back to the office it's another set of challenges to recall and implement all those ideas. That's where planning and on-going mentoring/coaching has its place - from salespeople to business owners and managers."


With Digital Marketing and related Technologies being Warren's topical delivery these days, he also speaks with substance, passion and authority on: 

  • Business Management
  • The Art & Science of Selling
  • Corporate Culture - Don't let a workplace 'culture by default' poison your business
  • Digital Media Marketing & Technology
  • Customer Service - how to go that extra distance
  • Customer Relationship Management - 'Email - The King of all Customer Relationship Marketing'






Warren's fee structure is calculated to respect the impact on a large conference event but not to prejudice the smaller gathering or training environment where accordingly, its not a 'one fee rate ' fits all. Factors will include the presentation specifics and length, audience size and travel requirements.

There is a 'base' or 'minumum fee' of $1200 for the smaller gathering, and where possible Warren will happily work with you to coordinate a booking around other local commitments.



For all Speaking enquiries please complete the form below and Warren will get back to you within 24 hours.