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SALES GENIUS is 28 years and hundreds of the smartest most successful sales and business people in the making. It delivers an intelligently crafted 2 day training schedule that builds on the major failure points of most salespeople. Those failure points include...

- Prospecting: Put your cold calling aside, I will show you a core prospecting methodology and system that will bring you listing opportunities consistently and for the long term. This is proven, its effective and its guaranteed. This is the secret of the worlds best businesses and our industries best Real Estate agents!

- Winning The Listing: Stop coming second! You will learn a combined appraisal and listing presentation approach that I guarantee will change how you work and give you greater success. It will set you apart from your competitors, it will have a more profound effect on your vendors, and it will win you a greater percentage of your listing opportunities - GUARANTEED!

- Personal Marketing: This is about 'The Brand of You'. I will give you the ability, knowledge and technologies to put you on a pedestal in your marketplace and to stand out. Don't fear the exposure because people like dealing with successful people. Here's how to get big and start attracting business.

- The Business of You: Besides being a salesperson you must be 'A Business Person'. You will be guided through a mindset and plan that details your Real Estate Sales Business, its growth and how to make it the success you want.

- Listing Management & Negotiation Skills: This will teach you the finer skills in the management of your listings to keep your vendors happy and in tune with the market and the Vendors expectations. So many salespeople get this crucial area of taking a Vendors home from Listed to Sold. Also included are some excellent strategies and techniques in the Art of Negotiating.

Technology: Technology is changing everything in business and you will learn the technologies and digital media to better communicate, build relationships, win business, market properties and build your profile. 

But above all else, SALES GENIUS is a cutting edge, high intensity, high performance course that skills you to get in front of more home sellers and out in front of your competitors to win more listing opportunities. SALES GENIUS combines the mastered art of vendor and prospect relationship building with the technological leap that's needed to attract, engage and perform with a switched on, digital and more savvy society. SALES GENIUS bridges the gap between our burgeoning technologies, people-to-people relationships, and intelligent marketing.

Technology over the past 20 years, but specifically the more recent 2-5 years, has changed the whole customer journey where they find, learn, compare, shop, communicate, and engage differently. The internet and its associated hardware and software technologies has given the customer a purchase intelligence and power they never had before, making their expectations and demands greater because of it. SALES GENIUS puts you at the forefront of those technologies and shows you how to find, attract and win business in this changing way we are doing business in our increasingly dependant digital world.

Business today is highly competitive and only way to stay ahead is to give your customers what they want, to teach them what they don't already know but will provide better outcomes, and to show them you are the best at what you do - for them - and that's what SALES GENIUS will show you. The best in our industry are finding and winning business because of their learned relationship building skills, their organised intelligent prospecting, and their digital marketing, profile and expertise. Don't get left behind, enrol now in SALES GENIUS.


SALES GENIUS - Course Investment

Option 1: Earlybird Registration - $650

Option 2: Standard Registration - $750

Option 3: Instalment Plan - 3 x $265
              (3 monthly payments totalling $795)

Group Booking enquiries are also welcomed by submitting your request here...

Costs are in AUD$ and are inclusive of GST (if any).

"Genius is taking something that is complicated and through understanding it so well, simplifying it, so it's more effective, efficient and productive."

There is so much more intelligence to mastering Real Estate than scripts, dialogues and more phone calls.

Course Curriculum

Session 1 - The Business of You
You simply can't grow without the right foundation to your business, so you'll learn the right way to run and grow the business of YOU. You'll learn the figures, the planning, and key growth stages such as when, how and why to employ an assistant. You will study and learn the customer journey and how technology has changed their intelligence, choice and expectations and how you can better effect their decisions. 

Session 2: - Prospecting & Marketing:
Prospecting alone is what will determine your careers' success...it's the lifeblood of your business - but 'Plan A' is not more cold calls! You will learn how to combine standout marketing with the latest technologies producing new and intelligent ways to find, reach and win more listing opportunities, and to grow your client-base. This will include the most effective
 and essential prospecting methods used by our top agents, such as... 

  • Client Database - how to grow, connect and reap
  • Email Marketing - advanced strategies in the No.1 business building platform
  • NEW - Social Media Marketing
  • NEW - Digital Media Marketing
  • Marketing YOU - you are the brand, you are the product...HOW TO GET YOU OUT THERE.

Session 3 - Dynamic Listing Presentations:
The style, structure and delivery of listing presentation I show you is absolutely second to none. This session alone will dynamically lift your listing success even winning when against the best in your marketplace. Winning the listing is, at its heart, about winning the relationship with the vendor(s) because it is YOU that the vendor is buying into to deliver the service. We are a service industry where people buy people...not products. 
You will learn the key relationship building techniques that set you apart. Never again jeopardise an opportunity because of property pricing, commission fees, or marketing.

Session 4 - Action & Service: Managing Listings, Vendors and buyers.

  • Standout and up-to-the-minute property marketing and promotional techniques
  • Understanding and exceeding your clients expectations
  • Exceptional customer service, feedback and reporting.
  • Creating clients for life

Session 5 - Negotiation Skills
Your skills and understanding as a negotiator puts paid to all the hard work that's gone before. This session will give you advanced win-win negotiating techniques so you can become the expert your vendor has entrusted above all others. Also covered will be the processes of 
overcoming our common objections.



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